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How To Recover Lost Pictures On A Phone

During the earlier times when mobile phones have already existed, its main function is to just communicate to another person via calls or text messaging. But now, due to the technologies innovation, a mobile phone comes up with added features that are very interesting and highly functional. One of this is taking photos and saving it directly on the mobile device.


If before, we rely on digital cameras to take pictures of our loved ones, our self, the places we’ve been to or the food that we eat, now we can do this conveniently by using our own mobile phones. Its capability to save and have it uploaded on other device made this even better.

However, despite its advanced features, there will be chances that the photos will be deleted because of several factors such as accidentally deleting it, Storage Device Corruption, or when the mobile device itself got broken. But, do not fear since your lost photos may not really be lost at all as you can still Recover Lost Pictures.

There are several applications or software that you can download on your desktop. Most of it only needs you to run the program on your computer and have it connected to your device by using your USB connector. Some of the software cannot be read or detected properly so make sure that you have properly installed the driver on your computer and have your phone restarted. You can reconnect it to the software and try again.

You can also connect your mobile phone to your desktop or laptop via the Bluetooth device. Most of the procedures are the same, however, if the phone memory cannot be detected as a drive letter, there’s no more possibility for your photos to be recovered.

You can also recover lost pictures by downloading memory card recovery software. There are several types of memory card that can be used on your mobile phones such as MiniSD, Micro SD, TransFlash cars, MicroSDHC, RS-MMC and Memory Stick Mirco or M2.

If you have deleted photos from the memory card or the external memory, there is a higher chance for it to be recovered. You just need to take out the memory card from your phone and then look for a card reader to use and connect by utilizing computer’s USB port. Usually, a card reader will be detected automatically appear as a drive letter in “My Computer” once it is connected. Once it is successful, you can now use any card recovery software that will scan the drive letter and save the lost pictures.