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Simple Data Protection Measures You Can Take

One of the functions of a personal desktop is to create and store files, data, pictures and videos, thus, it is just important to give it proper care and maintenance it needs. Here are 8 Data Protection that you should consider:

  1. Create strong passwords


One of the best things that you can provide your computer is a strong password. A strong password for a computer won’t allow other unwanted users to create, install or upload dangerous files that would harm your computer. In creating passwords, it is advisable to use a combination of lower and upper case, symbols, numbers and use at least 8 to 12 characters long. Avoid using any personal data such as your surname or birthday, common words which are either spelled correctly or backward and sequences of numbers or characters.

  1. Put firewalls

And these should not be just any firewalls, but strong firewalls that will properly protect your network. A firewall functions by managing the internet traffic that comes in and out of your business.

  1. Install anti-virus protection

Having a trusted antivirus is a must on every laptop of desktop. It prevents an unwanted attack in your network that could be harmful and damaging if not prevented. Furthermore, installing antimalware is also recommended for data protection.

  1. Regularly update your programs

It is necessary to “properly patch and update” your computer to have it properly protected. It also keeps users safe and keeps them up-to-date about the current issues and holes that the experts have fixed.

  1. Secure your laptops and desktops

Laptops are lightweight, thus, it is always at risk of being stolen. Lost or dropped which is both harmful and very dangerous to its hardware and software. A desktop, on the other hand, is also at risk to spilling liquid, and other human errors. The best way to prevent someone from accessing your laptop and desktop is to use encryption software.

  1. Regularly backup

Scheduling a backup regularly in an external hard drive or in a cloud is one of the best ways to guarantee safety for your important data and files.

  1. Monitor thoroughly

You cannot do thorough monitoring without using the proper tools and software that will set up a key network touch points in charge of looking for specific information that is approaching your internal network. This is highly recommended for businesses.

  1. Be very careful when using the internet

And this also includes opening email from suspicious email addresses as some could have harmful files when downloaded. This is the same thing that could happen when using the internet and entering suspicious websites.