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How to Salvage Data from a Hard Drive

Salvage Data from a Hard DriveImagine you are doing your office work or school work on your machine and you want view some saved documents on your external hard drive. On connecting it to retrieve data you realize nothing happens. The hard drive is not working. The first reaction would be panic. However, you do not have to panic because you can still salvage data from your drive. You can try doing it before you call an expert for help.

Some common causes of loss of data include software related issues and fault in your hard drive. Sometimes you can solve the problem by yourself while in other complex situations you might require professional data recovery services.

Who To Call For Data Recovery In Houston, Texas

When searching for a Data Recovery Service in Houston you may become overwhelmed. There are many businesses to choose from, offering quite a variety of services that may meet your needs.  All will not provide top quality products, superior expertise, and a money back guarantee.

Features to look for in a Data Recovery Service


These are just a few features you will need to look for when shopping for a service provider.  If you cannot access your priceless and irreplaceable data, consider the following before moving forward:

  • Well-established recovery services offer expertise and experience.
  • Valuable experience goes along with building a great reputation.
  • A global reputation is a plus.
  • Remember, you get what you pay for. If a listed fee is much cheaper than competitors, find out why.
  • Free evaluation.
  • Round-the-clock availability.
  • Size isn’t an issue.
  • Return customers.
  • Be leery of firms that boast of achieving a 100 percent recovery rate.

Data Analyzers of Houston

In Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, Data Analyzers is the top provider of recovery services, second to none. This national company offers quality assurance, superior safety measures, and very experienced technicians. Data recovery services are available to consumers and businesses who need to maintain confidentiality with the added relief of a money back guarantee. Many return customers use Data Analyzers as their go-to service provider in Houston.

Safe and Secure Data

Because Data Analyzers regularly provides forensic data recovery services for civil and criminal investigations, processes are always extremely secure.  This capability is already in place to ensure a 100 percent security and privacy. On top of that, the firm offers the best money back guarantee in the data recovery business. If it isn’t possible for your important data to be recovered, you won’t be charged. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

Qualified and Credible

The folks at Data Analyzers are so confident in their expertise; they have no problem holding to what they claim.  They have a hand-selected team of experts that represent different nations and cultures of the world.  The most advanced software and state-of-the-art equipment are used; along with Data Analyzers own in-house software and proprietary devices that they have created. All of these tools in the hands of highly qualified experts are used to make seemingly impossible cases possible.

If you have lost valuable data and need help in Houston, contact Data Analyzers either online or by phone for a free consultation.

Does RAID Data Recovery Require A Specialist?

Are you having problems with your RAID? Well, it is very important for all people to be guided on the possible things they have to do whenever they encounter problems with this. There are various kind of problems that you can experience and one of it is loss of data which could surely be a big headache as you can’t use your system anymore and eventually give you a hard time in getting the information you need. If you are someone who is experiencing RAID data recovery problems, then this article is the right place for you.


Loss of data is a big problem for people and you need to know and understand the possible things you can do for this. When it comes to RAID Data Recovery, it could be more convenient and ideal to let the specialist do the work for you. Yes, it is surely better to have a specialist work on the recovery of your loss files in RAID because they would be able to have enough knowledge on the things need to be done.

The specialists could be an IT expert or a simple repair man and all you have to do is tell them what happened and they will surely give you a number of options that you can consider to easily recover your data. Isn’t that perfect for you? You do not have to worry or spend time in doing research because you can pay the specialist and wait them to do magic for you.

Looking for a Reliable Specialist

On the other hand, there could be a lot of specialists on the market that would help you with your problem. There is a big demand for them and so you can expect for more people to become interested in offering this kind of service. With that, it could be a great challenge for you to determine which of them the best for you to hire is. When you are looking for a reliable specialist, it is very ideal to consider their background and the possible comments of their past clients.

That is ideal because it could give you a short overview on the quality of service they can provide and determine if they can really recover your data or not. Also, do not forget to know the possible quotation of the specialist in order for you to know the price needed and easily set a budget for it.

How To Recover Lost Pictures On A Phone

During the earlier times when mobile phones have already existed, its main function is to just communicate to another person via calls or text messaging. But now, due to the technologies innovation, a mobile phone comes up with added features that are very interesting and highly functional. One of this is taking photos and saving it directly on the mobile device.


If before, we rely on digital cameras to take pictures of our loved ones, our self, the places we’ve been to or the food that we eat, now we can do this conveniently by using our own mobile phones. Its capability to save and have it uploaded on other device made this even better.

However, despite its advanced features, there will be chances that the photos will be deleted because of several factors such as accidentally deleting it, Storage Device Corruption, or when the mobile device itself got broken. But, do not fear since your lost photos may not really be lost at all as you can still Recover Lost Pictures.

There are several applications or software that you can download on your desktop. Most of it only needs you to run the program on your computer and have it connected to your device by using your USB connector. Some of the software cannot be read or detected properly so make sure that you have properly installed the driver on your computer and have your phone restarted. You can reconnect it to the software and try again.

You can also connect your mobile phone to your desktop or laptop via the Bluetooth device. Most of the procedures are the same, however, if the phone memory cannot be detected as a drive letter, there’s no more possibility for your photos to be recovered.

You can also recover lost pictures by downloading memory card recovery software. There are several types of memory card that can be used on your mobile phones such as MiniSD, Micro SD, TransFlash cars, MicroSDHC, RS-MMC and Memory Stick Mirco or M2.

If you have deleted photos from the memory card or the external memory, there is a higher chance for it to be recovered. You just need to take out the memory card from your phone and then look for a card reader to use and connect by utilizing computer’s USB port. Usually, a card reader will be detected automatically appear as a drive letter in “My Computer” once it is connected. Once it is successful, you can now use any card recovery software that will scan the drive letter and save the lost pictures.

Fix Scratched DVDs With Stuff That’s Around Your House

At some point, everyone has owned a DVD copy of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, before our tech has developed to what it is now. And we have kept with us this DVD/CD collection as it now has its sentimental value. But after the long years of binge-watching from these CDs, some may now have scratches. What a waste right? But you don’t have to worry  because you can Fix Scratched DVDs with stuff that’s around your house. Read more below to know how.


Prevention is Key

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Before trying to fix scratches, let’s learn how to prevent these from occurring. Here are some ways you can prevent scratches or damage in your discs.

  • Keep your hands clean before handling discs. The disc’s polycarbonate layer is very easy to damage. Also, grease and oil can cause playback issues. If you can, use some plastic or rubber gloves in handling them.
  • In cleaning your discs, start from the center outwards in a straight line. This will avoid damage in the data on the polycarbonate layer. This is done because the data goes around the spiral of the disc, and if any scratches occur in a straight line, it would be easier for the disc reader to catch the error and go through it.
  • Always hold the discs from the center hole
  • Avoid damaging labels because this can also cause read errors as well


Fixing the scratches

And if prevention is not enough, here the ways you can fix scratched DVDs. In fixing CDs, the main point is to fill in the surface of the scratches. This is why there are scratch-fillers in the market in repairing CDs, and this works too. But to save some money, there are actually a lot of stuff in the house that can be used to fix dvd scratches. Below is a list of items you may actually use as an improvised scratch filler. You just have to spread it on the scratch, wipe it off and your CDs are as good as new.

  • Peanut Butter
  • Banana peel
  • Furniture Polish
  • Metal Polish
  • Window Cleaner
  • Eye Glass Cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Toothpaste
  • Petroleum Jelly


Make sure that before you do smear these household basics, identify where the scratches are in the disc and pre-clean them before application. Now that your CDs are good as new, you can binge watch Lord of the Rings again! Happy watching!