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How To Recover Files From Cryptolocker For Free

Recover FilesAmazing news for anyone whose computer was affected by CryptoLocker! The long-awaited service for decrypting files held hostage by CryptoLocker is available for data recovery. The solution comes shortly after Kyrus Technology researchers released a post with comprehensive details on how CryptoLocker works. Their post also contains information on how they impressively reverse engineered the process in order to obtain the key utilized to encrypt thousands of files.

Dell SecureWorks first discovered the CryptoLocker Trojan 3 years ago. CryptoLocker works by encrypting files, which have precise file extensions, and decrypting them once a $300 ransom has been paid. Even though the network, which served the Trojan, was ultimately taken down, countless users remain separated from their files — until the way out was discovered.

Are you a victim of CryptoLocker? Do you want to know how to get your files effortlessly back? Read on …